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Please tell us all about your day so we can be well prepared. 

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Would you like to have a first look on your wedding day?
A first look is a private moment where you see each other prior to your ceremony, this is an intimate moment and provides more flexibility in how you lay out your day
Recent death, divorce, family feuds, etc.
Online previews after your wedding day
After the wedding day typically we will post some sneak peeks for you on our social media. Are you ok with us tagging you and using your names in posts on the following social media? If so please include your social media information below so we can tag you (If you have privacy concerns please contact us and let us know at info@dallaskolotylo.com.) Please include your vendor information below so that we can credit them. This information is particularly useful if you would like to have your wedding published on a blog/magazine. We cannot guarantee publication but can absolutely try our best.

Helpful Suggestions

- If there are any wedding details you would like photographed (ex. wedding invitation, wedding jewelry, shoes etc.) please lay them out for us in the morning and we will photograph them for you.

- For the bride & bridesmaids it's always a good idea to bring a pair of comfortable flats. 

- For weddings where there may be a chance of rain it's always a good idea to bring umbrellas and rain boots.


Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the form and get in touch if you have any questions or have anything else to add!

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